Based in the Tampa Bay region SolidHostDesign services clients locally and out of state.

They range from small to mid sized businesses and organizations (including non-profits) operating in a variety of areas including automobile and financial services, the entertainment industry, personal health care, writing and publishing.

We specialize in supporting WordPress (CMS) based web sites. Thus enabling us to provide cost effective and easy to manage sites for our customers.

Services include:

SSL Certificates from Thawte, GeoTrust, Symantec and more!

Domain Name Registration

We can help you pick out a domain name and register the domain name for you. In addition to registering .com, .net and .org domains, we also register “specialty” domain names including those ending with:
and dozens more.
Contact us and we will help you get your custom domain name registered at a reasonable cost (unlike those “other guys”).

Web Site Hosting

We offer hosting services that provide a level of flexibility unavailable with most hosting companies. We can provide you with access to the backend as well as the frontend of your site. This allows you the opportunity to control how your server works for you!

Web Site management services

Too busy to manage your server on a regular basis? Worried you are not prepared to manage a server? No worries. SolidHostDesign offers web site and server management services to all of our clients. We can monitor your site to ensure software is up to date and to ensure the site is not being attacked in addition to installing software to help prevent attacks on your site.

Web Site Security

Certainly you’ve heard stories in the media about hacking attempts on major and popular sites. What you don’t hear about is the thousands of other sides that are attacked daily. Our goal is to minimize the potential impact of an attack on your site. If your client base is domestic only, why accept visits from Kyrgyzstan?
  • We can deny visits from entire continents if necessary.
  • We can scan your site files to ensure they’ve not be modified, removed or replaced.
  • We check your site to ensure it has not been infected or worse.

Web Site Design & Customization

We customize sites taking into consideration the purpose of the site and who will be viewing the site. Why build an e-commerce site if what you really need is an informational site? Photography sites need to be seen not read about. We look to find the right balance between look and feel so that your audiences will better engage with your site.
Our goal is to provide our clients with access to the latest and most cost effective solutions.
SolidHostDesign seeks to develop secure internet solutions for businesses and organizations who seek to take advantage of the opportunities the World Wide Web can offer.

Additional Services:

  • Graphic design for internet site use
  • Promotional item development based on your web site design
  • Multimedia content preparation including video titling and editing
  • Audio content enhancement and encoding for internet streaming.
Our clients range from small entrepreneurs to mid-sized businesses located in a number of states including New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

SolidHostDesign can create a WordPress site for you.

We can convert static “old style” web sites to become dynamic easier to manage and update sites.
We also refresh existing sites allowing them to provide increased functionality over traditional sites.

Why Choose SolidHostDesign to design, host or manage your web site?

Having a track record of providing superior service to our clients is important to SolidHostDesign.
Our clients know:
  • They will be treated honestly and fairly.
  • Their sites reflect on our work and we won’t jeopardize our reputation with sub-par work.
  • SolidHostDesign will remain vigilant to ensure client sites are secure from internet threats.
  • To help ensure security, our client account area is SSL secured!
  • SolidHostDesign works in their best interest because it is in our best interest.
  • We want them to stay our clients and perform our duties with that in mind.

Contact SolidHostDesign today!