About SSL/TLS Certs and Root CAs

SSL/TLS Certs and Root CAs

What in the world is an SSL/TLS Certificate and what are Root CAs? SSL certificates are important. If you are concerned about being sure the site you are visiting is really “the site you want to visit” or, if you are worried about making sure visitors to your site can be confident that they are “visiting YOUR site” you need an SSL Certificate. For businesses it is critical that they provided some assurance of their identity on the web.

For example, one major concern for anyone doing businesses of all sorts via the internet is that they can prove who they are. And, that they can be assured their connections via the internet are to legitimate destinations. Some industries, due to regulatory and risk requirements, have very strict requirements concerning even the type of SSL certificates being used.

Ever wonder what’s an SSL Certificate’s CA Root and it’s importance? Want an explanation in plain english? Check out this article on theSSLStore’s site:

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