SSL Certificates Available here soon!

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Coming soon, SSL certificates at prices you can afford!

Not some cheapy dubious certificates but certificates provided by names you well know.

After you install your SSL Certificate, visitors to your, sites won’t see any ugly “Unsecure Site” warnings in their web browsers.

You will have many options and pricing plans available and we’ll install it for you!

That’s all I can say for now…

Watch this space!

Security Alert: Beware Tech Support Scams!

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Cyber security involves all users of computing technology whether you use a simple cell phone or connect your gaming consoles, televisions, even refrigerators to the internet. Maintaining awareness can save you headaches, time and money.

Ever receive a phone call that starts out something like:
“Hello this is Windows support center and we have detected a problem with your computer…”?

Right away you should consider the following:

  1. Did you ever give “Windows Support Center” your phone number?
  2. Microsoft will not initiate a call you. Think about it. With the millions of users, imagine the costs to them.
  3. Your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware didn’t indicate any issues so far (you do have such software installed… right?).
  4. These calls are aimed at the uninformed and those too caught up in the day to think critically about what is currently happening. Many victims are seniors who are not fully aware of some of the tricks employed against them.
  5. Such calls are the precursors to ID theft. The goal is to gain information such as credit card and banking information that can be monetized and used against your finances (primarily).

It happens more often than not. Too many fail to consider if the call is legit. When I receive such calls, if I don’t simply hang up and feel like messing with them I’ll throw a monkey wrench into the conversation and ask:

“Really? Which one?” (whether you have one or many…they really don’t know remember?)

The caller will either hang up or stutter and gasp some bumbled answer… Don’t fall for such calls… Read on:

National Cyber Awareness System:

FTC Releases Alert on Tech-Support Scams

06/23/2017 04:09 PM EDT

Original release date: June 23, 2017

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released an alert on technical-support scams. In these schemes, deceptive tech-support operations offer to fix problems that don’t exist, placing calls or sending pop-ups to make people think their computers are infected with viruses. Users should not give control of their computers to any stranger offering to fix problems.

US-CERT encourages users and administrators to refer to the FTC Alert and the US-CERT Tip on Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks for more information.

So, always simply hang up if you receive such calls. Then go to your computer and run scans using your anti-malware and anti-virus programs to ensure all is well. Just in case.


Security Alert: Adobe Releases Security Updates

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National Cyber Awareness System:


Adobe Releases Security Updates

04/11/2017 01:21 PM EDT


Original release date: April 11, 2017

Adobe has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in Adobe Campaign, Flash Player, Acrobat and Reader, Photoshop CC, and Creative Cloud. Exploitation of some of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.

Users and administrators are encouraged to review Adobe Security Bulletins APSB17-09, APSB17-10, APSB17-11, APSB17-12, and APSB17-13 and apply the necessary updates.

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Security Alert: Easter Holiday Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns

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National Cyber Awareness System:


Easter Holiday Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns

04/11/2017 10:35 AM EDT


Original release date: April 11, 2017

As the Easter holiday approaches, US-CERT reminds users to stay aware of holiday scams and cyber campaigns, which may include:

  • unsolicited shipping notifications that may actually be scams by attackers to solicit personal information (phishing scams),
  • electronic greeting cards that may contain malicious software (malware),
  • requests for charitable contributions that may be phishing scams or solicitations from sources that are not real charities, and
  • false advertisements for holiday accommodations or timeshares.

US-CERT encourages users and administrators to use caution when reviewing unsolicited messages. Suggested preventive measures to protect against phishing scams and malware campaigns include:

Refer to the Holiday Traveling with Personal Internet-Enabled Devices Tip for more information on protecting personal mobile devices.