In 1999 or so, I discovered VRML (Virtural Reality Modeling Language). Creating virtual worlds intrigued and inspired me. The process of creating lead me to Adobe Atmosphere.

To “visit” the created worlds required a web browser – which led to creating a web site.

My first worlds were environments where the visitor could “travel” around viewing video clips, 2D images & 3D animations (which led to Visitors would hear music (which lead to

Unlike today, no headgear was required. Unfortunately a speedy internet connection was. So, for visitors, the experience was frustratingly slow. (I take it you can imagine how long that web site lasted…)

The online music streaming morphed into an online radio station again. The original incarnation of WBPM NetRADIO was short lived as I did not want to run afoul of the licensing and royalty situation.

These early web sites generated requests to complete web site projects for others. My earliest projects included creating a web site for a business group’s upcoming entrepreneurial event and consulting on a nationally known radio & television host’s project to roll out one of the first national business empowerment sites.

Word spread leading to the creation of more sites serving businesses, organizations and professionals.

One issue that became evident to the site owners was the amount of work that went into maintaining the web sites after the sites were turned over to them. Through referrals, I began to add site management services to my “portfolio”.

While supporting these sites, I was alarmed at the reactionary nature of support being provided to my “clients” by their web hosting providers.

Sites would be discovered down and action would not be taken unless the support teams were notified. I decided to add web hosting services to my portfolio.

“After nearly a decade assisting setting up sites for business owners and others, creating SolidHostDesign, Inc. seemed a natural choice…”

SolidHostDesign has and currently supports a variety of clients mainly acquired via positive referrals. They have included broadcasters, book clubs, businesses operating in the automobile service industry, publishing, financial services, the entertainment industry, internet radio broadcast­ing, large scale event produc­tions (live and television) and blogging.

These clients operate within local, domestic and global markets.

SolidHostDesign, Inc. provides cost effective, value added hosting solutions for individuals and organizations seeking to reach their desired potential customers, clients and consumers.

To learn more about the other services offered including SSL Certificates sales, installation and management, web site design, customizing WordPress themes, web site maintenance, photography and video services, domain name registration, domain renewals, web security monitoring, firewall installation, contact SolidHostDesign!


Meet our CEO…

CEO R Bennett has extensive experience in the areas of IT Networking, Installation and Planning. He also is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who focuses on working to ensure client sites are protected from those who would do harm to them.