About Us

SolidHostDesign, Inc. is the result of many years of working with clients who sought to establish an internet presence for their businesses and organizations.

SolidHostDesign has worked with a variety of clients including book clubs, businesses operating in the automobile service industry, publishing, financial services, the entertainment industry, internet radio broadcast­ing, large scale event produc­tions (live and television) even blogging! These clients operate within local, domestic and global markets.

This site is SolidHostDesign’s web hosting side where you can order hosting and other web server related services. To learn more about the other services offered including domain registration, please visit SolidHostDesign.com.

SolidHostDesign, Inc. provides cost effective, value added hosting solutions for individuals and organizations seeking to reach potential customers, clients and consumers.

If you are planning a web site, contact SolidHostDesign, Inc. We have the capability to provide flexible hosting solutions to meet your needs and budgets!

Meet our CEO…

CEO R Bennett has extensive experience in the areas of IT Networking, Installation and Planning. He also is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who focuses on working to ensure client sites are protected from those who would do harm to them.

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