Service offerings that are designed to truly fit your needs!

SolidHostDesign offers web site services that are designed to support either a start up web site or sites that have grown too large or become too time consuming to manage.

You want a web site but are not sure what is involved in registering a domain name? SolidHostDesign registers domain names an can even check to ensure it is available for you.

There’s more to life than the “GoDaddy’s” of the world. SolidHostDesign offers truly customized hosting setups and can custom tailor a plan for your needs. Did you know the majority of SolidHostDesign’s clientele are referrals who’ve in a number of cases left the “big hosting companies” after having to wait for service? More often than not problems are taken care of before you are aware of them.

WordPress is the platform of choice for a majority of web site operators. One of the good things is that WordPress is FREE. BUT, you’re unfamiliar with it. Not a problem. SolidHostDesign can install and set up your WordPress site for you. We can also install the needed plug-ins and manage the site for you. All you’d need is to provide the content for the site!

Worried about your site being attacked by some knucklehead? We can work to minimize the potential of a site attack by installing (among other things) security services and support you if the need arises. CDN services are also available!

We also offer custom web site and server management packages so you can concentrate on running your business and know that SolidHostDesign will make sure your server and web site is operating as it should.

We can manage your upgrades for you!

Sometimes, web sites simply grow too large for their current plan. To upgrade is sometimes too expensive with the current hosting service. If that is the situation confronting your web site, view our plans! We also offer quotes for custom plans as well. Contact SolidHostDesign for details about our custom hosting plans.

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