"Need a web site?"

Building a web site is a process that involves a few steps. The first and foremost thing to think about is the purpose of your planned web site.

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"Do You need a Domain Name Registered?"

Whether you need a "dot com", "dot net" or "dot org", as a Domain Registrar, SolidHostDesign can register your desired domain name. Hundreds of TLDs (.com, .net, .co etc.) are available. TLD stands for "Top Level Domain" and the one you select is important. SolidHostDesign can verify if your desired domain name is available, register it and renew it.

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"Need web hosting?"

A web site needs to "live" somewhere. That's where web hosting comes in. There are a number of considerations when it comes to your hosting requirements. SolidHostDesign can provide a hosting solution custom designed to meet your needs.

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"Do you need an SSL Certificate?"."

As of 2017 ALL web sites are required to have an SSL certificate installed on its web server. SolidHostDesign can order, install (on client sites), and renew your SSL certificate(s). SolidHostDesign offers a wide variety of SSL certificates available from all of the major providers including Digicert, Sectigo, GeoTrust and Thawte. Read more to learn more about SSL certificates

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"Do you need someone to keep your WordPress site Updated?"

Having a web site can be time consuming especially when it is time to update the web site. Software enhancements, bug fixes and updated security requirements are a few of the factors. One of the main factors is the need to update the web site contents. Preparing images, audio and other media requires the tools to modify them for use on the web. Plug-ins and even the CMS will need to be updated due to various reasons including enhancements and security concerns. SolidHostDesign provides web site management services for our clients. The frequency of how often that software is updated depends on a number of factors.

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