SolidHostDesign, Inc. is the result of many years of working with clients who sought to establish an internet presence for their businesses and organizations.

This all started out with the first site. It was a test of Virtual Reality tools where a VRML based virtual site was created waaay back in 2000. On the site one could “travel” through a virtual museum and see video clips and animations made to look like framed artwork. No headgear was required but a speedy internet connection was. So, that didn’t last very long!

Next was an online radio station again that didn’t go too far due to royalty and licensing requirements (as in mucho $$$!!). During that time a project came along to create a web site for a business group who were planning an upcoming entrepreneurial event and another well known media person working to roll out one of the first national business empowerment sites.

That lead to a web site for a Real Estate professional, a business providing lighting and event spaces and things continued from there.

SolidHostDesign has and currently supports a variety of clients mainly acquired via positive referrals. They include broadcasters, book clubs, businesses operating in the automobile service industry, publishing, financial services, the entertainment industry, internet radio broadcast­ing, large scale event produc­tions (live and television) even blogging! These clients operate within local, domestic and global markets.

You are currently visiting SolidHostDesign’s web hosting site where as a client you can order hosting and other web server related services.

To learn more about the other services offered including SSL Certificates sales, installation and management, web site design, customizing WordPress themes, web site maintenance, photography and video services, domain name registration, domain renewals, web security monitoring, firewall installation, please visit

SolidHostDesign, Inc. provides cost effective, value added hosting solutions for individuals and organizations seeking to reach their desired potential customers, clients and consumers.

Why have a web site when you can use the popular social media platforms?

Well for one thing, consider this, would you build a home and give perfect strangers the keys and hope when you arrive they have maintained it as you would?

Maybe for presentation’s sake you do not want ads popping up randomly. How can you guarantee those ads are even legit.

Are you willing to take the chance that leaving the keys to the castle will guarantee your security?

If you are the owner of a business or member of an organization, a new business owner or planning to start a new business venture and are considering or planning a web site, contact SolidHostDesign, Inc. We have the capability to provide flexible hosting solutions to meet your needs and budgets!

Meet our CEO…

CEO R Bennett has extensive experience in the areas of IT Networking, Installation and Planning. He also is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who focuses on working to ensure client sites are protected from those who would do harm to them.