Services available

SolidHostDesign, Inc. offers personalized web site hosting services at a reasonable price.

Working with our customers we come up with customized hosting solutions that meed the needs of their web sites and e-mail requirements.

Our plans include a Do It Yourself (DIY) plan starting at $8/mo. and is perfect for the developer or those who are familiar with having and maintaining their own web sites. At the other end of the spectrum is our Premium Plan which includes premium support, server management and site updates. But there’s more…Here’s a few of the more in demand services we can provide:

Domain Management – Name Registration

Need a domain name registered? We can do it for you and ensure that you have all that you need to manage it as you’d like. Registration services include the option to have your site included in the business index, add IDProtect which works to thwart those who would try to steal your personal information listed in your domain registration information.

Domain Management – Renewal and Transfer

No worries about renewing your domain name on time. Make us your domain registrar and we will make sure your domain name stays your domain name!

Site Management – SSL Certificates

Planning to open or are currently operating a web site? Well, secure your site and increase your potential for sales! Stop hackers from stealing data your customers provide to you. SSL helps to prevent those who would do harm to your visitors.  Your site will be targeted in an attempt to steal passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive information no matter where you decide to have your site hosted. Do yourself and your visitors a favor and take the necessary steps to ensure your site is secure and safe.

SSL services are available from Symantec, GeoTrust and Comodo and more. Let us secure your site for you!

Site Protection

Worried about hackers getting in and doing bad things to your web site? Or, that someone might try to perform a Denial of Service attack again your online store? We can install  firewalls, configure your site to enjoy the benefits of using a Cloudflare proxy and set up Symantec Safe Site, GeoTrust Anti-Malware and SiteLock services in order to protect your site.

Another step towards having a secure site is having SolidHostDesign monitor your site to ensure that software and plugins are properly maintained and up to date. If a file is found to be compromised we can clean the file and in worse cases upload a clean backup of the site and its databases.

If you are targeting a domestic audience or only specific international locations, we can also employ methods of filtering traffic from  locations you do not want visits from.

On-Site Support Services

On-site support for LAN/WAN networks, data, video, voice and computer systems are available to “brick and mortar” establishments local to the Tampa Bay region at very reasonable rates. Visits for consultations outside of this area is by prior arrangement only.

Visit for more details or contact SHD via the form below with any questions you may have: