C-c-c changes!

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  • The update to the latest version of PHP is complete.
  • Time to check your sites and verify all works as they should!
  • IF you have yet to acquire an SSL Certificate,
    please contact your Web Master and let’s get that done!
    The prices will surprise you!


Beyond “Phishing”, now you have to worry about (I guess it was inevitable), “Vishing”. What is that? Vishing?
Well imagine Phishing via Text/SMS messages. That’s basically it. Some examples of Vishing includes, Telemarketing Fraud (Your vehicle’s warranty is expiring, Your credit card blah…blah..blah… etc.), calls claiming to be from Government Agencies (who will never call) and of course the usual Tech Support Fraud calls.
Want to throw them off? When they claim there is a problem with your computer,
just ask them which one. Then hang up.

To learn a LOT more, check out this excellent piece posted on TheSSLStore’s Blog

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