Security Alert: ISC Releases Security Updates for BIND

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National Cyber Awareness System:


ISC Releases Security Updates for BIND

04/12/2017 10:19 PM EDT


Original release date: April 12, 2017

The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) has released updates that address multiple vulnerabilities in BIND. A remote attacker could exploit any of these vulnerabilities to cause a denial-of-service condition.

Available updates include:

  • BIND 9 version 9.9.9-P8
  • BIND 9 version 9.10.4-P8
  • BIND 9 version 9.11.0-P5
  • BIND 9 version 9.9.9-S10

US-CERT encourages users and administrators to review ISC Knowledge Base Articles AA-01465, AA-01466, and AA-01471 and apply the necessary updates.

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